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The Directorate of Distance Education is dedicated to serve the diverse needs of socity by providing high quality educational experiances that utilizes latest emerging technalogies and offere opportunities of education to larger number of students who can not make it due to, time, social, fainancial or geographical constraints. Relevent and appropriate education to distance learner knwoledge, media technalogies (printed-modules, Adio/video lectures, web-enabled materials) and persuite of producing quality graduate is the top priorty of Directorate.

The Directorate of Distance Education is offering master degree (16-years) program in twelve different discipline (See Programs) in seven (07) distance centers in various regions of Balochistan (See Distance Center). We will be expanding accessibility of education to the population of Balochistan to their door step by open new distance centers very soon.

Teaching and learning activities of all programs are offered through Distance Mode. Here Distance Mode is categorized to weekend classes for face to face interaction, interactive activities on learning management system and online audio/video and chat. There are different committees to look after functioning of Directorate of Distance Education to enhance quality of running programs.

The Directorate of Distance Education will be the leading teacher education directorate of pakistan with highly qualified human resources, allied infrastructure equipped with modren technalogy, and research based practices to produce balanced, harmonious educational leaders serving the community, by providing education through duel mode of education.


To be a model public University providing affordable, quality, higher education opportunities to develop the potentially rich human resource in Balochistan through knowledge-centered teaching and research while maintaining and fostring a high levels of ethical and professional standards and promoting national identity.


Functioning as a student-centric institution dedicated to academic excellence, tolerance and fairness. Maintianing and fostering highest ethical and professional values while teaching students to seek knowledge analytically, be creative, communicate effectively and become teachnologically litrate to meet the emerging needs of our socity whithin the global village.

Our Values

  • Integrity.
  • Creativity.
  • Team Work.
  • Excellence.
  • Responsibility(to all stackholders).

Director's Massage

Dr.Waheed Noor Director Distance Education

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming all the new entrants of new and emerging system of education on behalf of entire community of University of Balochistan. This institute is the oldest of province and holds the pride of the estabilishing new trends in education of the province. The distance education program will evolve to outreach and hold a unique position in blending the virtues of traditional and modren education system equipped with emerging ICT technologies such as Learning Management System (LMS) and others. In this brand new education system, students will be exposed to a rich portal of LMS providing portable leadning material in the form of documents, videos, activities, chats and much more. This system also gives an opportunity to instructors to device new techniques of teaching.

I assure you that the directorate of distance education (DDE) of this university will provide full faciliation to every student and instructor of this program to experiance personalization learning and as well as enhancing collaborative skills. Each program also includes an orientation of the LMS and other teachnologies to be used during the entire study period to students and instructors. The directorate will provide opportunities for developing e-learning strategies, establishing LMS system standards, reporting metrics, instructional design consultion and project management for web-enhanced hybrid and fully online courses.

I wish you all a memorable, meaningful and rewarding tenure, consequently emerging as quality graduates in different fields of study by contributing to the growth of the socity. I would also urge upon you to prove as good human beings and worthy cotozens woth renewed vigor and dedication. May Allah bless you all, Ameen.


  • To provide affordable and accessible educational fecilities to people who cannot leave their homes and jobs.
  • To provide facilities to the professionals for their education uplift.
  • To increase the success ratio of private students and to ultimately improve the opportunities of employement for them.
  • To ensure transparency in the examination process to stop academic dishonesty and malpractice.
  • To ensure provision of quality education to private students through easy and streamline administrative procedures.
  • To provide facilities of trainings and career growth opportunities for the teachers and focal persons in defferent centers.
  • Acquainting students with the use of LMS as a new teahnique of learning and knowledge sharing.